Water Services


Water is essential for all forms of life and is vital to sustaining successful agricultural activities. Fresh water is a renewable resource, yet the demand is steadily exceeding the supply. Enviro-Tech Systems, Inc. helps clients counteract the imbalance by capitalizing on water that would otherwise not be suited for use, such as water provided by natural phenomenon or water that has already been used for other agricultural activities. Once a dependable water source has been established, irrigation and watering systems can then be used to reduce demands on fresh water, especially in periods of drought or frost to ensure the well-being of crops and livestock.

Services We Offer:

Water Resources

  • Stormwater basin
  • Treatment ponds
  • Culverts, risers, ditches, and canals

Water Systems

  • Locating and sizing of wells
  • Pumps and pumping systems
  • Distribution mains
  • Watering facilities
  • Back-up systems


  • Erection of units
  • Layout, sizing, and start-up