Specialty Services


With advances in technology occurring daily, Enviro-Tech Systems, Inc. retrofits current electronic controls on agricultural systems to allow for advanced control and operations by the users. Recent upgrades now allow our professionals to operate certain water, irrigation, and waste systems remotely.

Mold remediation

General construction

Monitoring and testing

It is extremely important to continually monitor the effects agricultural activities have on the health of crops and livestock, as well as the impacts they have on the environment. For these reasons, Enviro-Tech Systems, Inc. offers a wide array of testing and monitoring services, in which we detect, analyze, measure, and report nutrients and contaminants present in agricultural areas and construction sites. From these findings, our professionals are able to make recommendations concerning the control of these variables.

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As part of our full service approach, Enviro-Tech Systems, Inc. handles the transportation of equipment and materials to and from the job site. Although a seemingly simple task, the timely and safe transportation of such equipment and materials requires extensive knowledge of how to correctly move, handle, and store such items in addition to managerial knowledge of product availability and time scheduling.

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